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At InfiniteYou we reach for excellence in everything we do and are constantly evolving to make sure we can offer you the best products, service and support. It is with this philosophy in mind that all members of InfiniteYou move forward, as individuals and as a team.

Be a yardstick of quality.
Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

-Steve Jobs

How We Work For You

Life insurance rates vary from class to class…company to company…age to age…and by face amount.

The rates shown are ACTUAL RATES as of January 2015

Insured: Male Age 63    Coverage: $500,000 of 20-year level term    Premium mode: ANNUAL

What IS the lowest term rate for this insured? Here’s the difference between other agents and us…

Other agents typically do the following…

  • Identify Company A as having the lowest rate (the #1 Preferred rate) without bothering to determine whether you will qualify for their #1 Preferred rate. So…
  • They recommend Company A only because they have the lowest #1 Preferred rate
  • They tell you up front (maybe) that the actual rate may be higher
  • They submit an application to Company A and hope that you will accept whatever rate Company A offers you…which will almost certainly be the #2, #3 or Standard rate!
  • Company A underwrites your application and offers a Standard rate due to your medical history…THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME IN THE REAL WORLD
  • The agent sends you a policy and an invoice for $9,455…you accept the policy and pay the premium…assuming that if Company A had the lowest #1 Preferred rate, then they must have the lowest Standard rate.

Here’s how we handle this case…

  • We determine which underwriting class you will qualify for BEFORE we submit…it is easy to do this…only takes a few minutes of your time.
  • We determine (with 90% or better accuracy) that you will get a Standard rate offer…not a #1 Preferred rate.
  •  With our database, we know that Company D has the lowest Standard rate.
  • We submit an application to Company D and, after you are approved, we send you a policy and an invoice for $8,932…$523 less than the other agent.
Benefit to you? You save $ 10,460 over the 20-year guarantee period…$10,460




We knew there was a better and more efficient way to provide great life insurance plans to consumers, that’s why we committed ourselves to a strong online platform. Time matters to our clients, who prefer quick access to quality comparison shopping research and experienced life insurance consultants to help you find the best product.

Book an appointment when it’s convenient for you by viewing our calendar in real time. You can choose to meet your life insurance consultant over video chat and complete the insurance application online.

World Class Service

You can easily log in to your secure client portal from our homepage to view all policy and agent information. From the portal you can quickly view all key policy info on your dashboard or if you wish to get more detail, download PDFs of your application and policy as well.

You can also view all of your agents contact information as well as view their calendar and set up an appointment directly. Your Portal Dashboard will also tell you exactly when your policy will expire and offer conversion replacement options before your coverage lapses.

The Best Products

InfiniteYou is a full service insurance broker with a huge selection of the best Term, Universal Life, and Whole Life products on the market. We also offer the product benchmarking and consumer reports information you need to know to purchase a good life insurance policy. We bring this selection to you with the professionalism of meeting with a dedicated consultant and the convenience of meeting online.

Did you know the average life insurance broker only has access to 3-5 life insurance carriers?

We have access to 47 carriers including those offering no medical exam products, high net worth products, accumulation products for premium finance, retirement insurance contracts, living benefits other than the policy death benefit, and other niche life insurance products.


At Infinite You Life we know online security is a major issue and we take safeguarding your personal information very seriously. Our website uses the highest level of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your personal information such as User IDs, Passwords and sensitive information over the Internet. Any information you send is encoded en route and decoded once it reaches your browser.

For added security, we store your information on a Tier 1 Secure Datacenter. As a further redundancy, we don’t store Social Security or Credit Card Information so if the worst were to happen, this critical information will always be safe.


Our experienced life insurance professionals focus on your needs and are aligned with your interests. The conversation with InfiniteYou starts by scheduling a meeting with one of our experienced life insurance consultants. After we learn about what is important to you, we make life insurance recommendations based on product and underwriting fit. The needs of our clients drive our life insurance product recommendations for our complete portfolio of Term, Universal Life, and Whole Life insurance plans.

Permanent insurance plans such as Universal Life and Whole Life have grown significantly more complex over the years as insurance carriers have introduced innovative new benefits into the products. In general, these products can be designed for a focus on the accumulation of cash values (accumulation products) or to support a high death benefit (protection products). The mortality and expense history of the life insurance carrier is critical information to know. We only recommend permanent life insurance products from carriers with a history of prudent underwriting and good mortality and expense experience.


The experience starts by talking to one of our experienced life insurance consultants. He or she will guide you through the process and help you determine how much coverage is optimal in your situation and then create a life insurance plan customized to your needs and specifications. You will feel their desire to help you find the best life insurance plan possible. Our life insurance experts all have over 10 years of experience in the life insurance and annuity business. Each brings a wealth of broad experience and varying talents.

InfiniteYou functions as your advocate and representative with the best life insurance carriers in the industry. We work to find our valued clients the best term and permanent (UL & WL) life insurance plans by shopping your case based on underwriting and by superior product performance.

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