Protect Your Business


Protect yourself from the unexpected things in life that we at InfiniteYou already expect. Making sure your business is prepared for emergencies and your success is important to you as it is to us. 

Here’s a case study of how a business owner was able to integrate life insurance with his business plan: 


Juan was the owner of a successful Mexican Steakhouse. He had a staff of 15 including 1 head chef and 1 head bartender. He always said, “People come for the food but return for the drinks.” He wanted to make sure his restaurant was still successful should he lose one or both of his key employees(KE).


He protected against the risk of losing them through death and disability with life and disability insurance. Should they die Juan will have the money needed to attract and retain his replacements to get the restaurant back to running to the way it was before. He did this with cheap term insurance while the restaurant was still growing. 


Once his restaurant was more successful he took it further with his ne KE and retained them with “golden handcuffs” plans. Juan incentivized them to stay with the “living benefits” of life insurance- it’s tax-advantaged cash value. This cash value is given to them once they’ve fulfilled their duty. You can incentivize them for as little as 5 years all the way up to retirement. This keeps your all-star team together insuring that your business can run peacefully without worrying about your crew leaving for the competition or even becoming the competition. All of this has to be done with permanent life insurance. If you’re company qualifies you may be able to get these benefits at a discount. 


Juan eventually partnered up with Charles to sell Juan’s salsa in a jar. The company was valued at $1,000,000 and they were 50/50 partners. Their attorney drew up a Buy-Sell agreement that outlines that they have the first right to buy each other’s share($500,000) of the business, should one of them die or become disabled. 


The truth is is that this is only half of the plan. Their attorney never told them how to fund the purchase. What if they didn’t have $500,000 lying around? This can be trouble…


A term life insurance policy on the life of the partners can ensure that the company has the funds to keep the company intact and growing. A permanent life insurance policy gives the two partners options and flexibility to buy each other out some day in the future. When Juan and his business partner finally decided to retire after a successful business, they reaped the benefits of the accumulated value inside of their policy. These benefits can only come a professionally designed Executive Benefits package.


We offer the top carriers with the best resources available to optimize your current business plan. This can come in the form of your business valuation and input from insurance attorneys to make sure your plan runs as smooth as possible. This also means access the best solutions on the market.


We expect death and disablement but we also expect your success. No matter where your business takes you we’re right there with you.