Non Medical Life Insurance

Non-Medical Life Insurance allows you to get covered without the need for blood or urine testing.

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What can it do for you?

You Have Options

  • At InfiniteYou we understand that everyone is different
  • Some our clients want coverage quickly, while others don’t like needles
  • This is why we have a full portfolio of non medical life insurance policies





Compare & Win

  • Our team of independent agents will compare life insurance products and let you know your best deal for both non medical exam and fully underwritten life insurance.
  • Often, the cost between the two policies will be small.




Fast & Easy

  • High cholesterol and blood pressure are the most common reasons a policy comes back with a higher premium.
  • If you are concerned about your blood work, paying a few additional dollars for a non medical policy may save you significant premiums versus a fully underwritten policy.
  • A non medical approval is fast, with some approvals in as little as two days.

Why do you need it?

  • About 44.4 million adults, or nearly 21% of the population, get a
    preventive physical exam annually
  • Nearly one third of the 133 million Americans living with a chronic disease are unaware of their health condition


  • If you are unsure about your health or haven’t been to the doctor in a few years, it could be a good idea to secure a non-medical policy before you go through testing.


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