• Just Married

  • Congratulations on your new partnership! This partnership means you depend on each other emotionally and financially, and in most cases requires you have a financial plan that includes life insurance.
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  • Questions to ask:

    1.   Do I have enough coverage to cover the loss of my financial contribution if I were to die unexpectedly or get diagnosed with a chronicor critical illness?

    2.   What about my spouse?
  • Make sure that both of you have enough of the right type of coverage and proper amount (avoid being over or under insured).
  • New Parents

  • A quick heads up: the financial responsibility arrives before the baby does! So you need enough life insurance, regardless of if you’re trying to get pregnant or a new parent. Life insurance will be a very important purchase to secure your child’s financial future. 
    In Texas, the estimated cost to raise a child from birth is over $250,000. This estimate only covers housing, health care, food, and clothing. This does not cover college, which can easily range from 75,000 to 150,000 or more.
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  • Questions to ask:

    1.   What are my goals for my children?

    2.   How much does it cost to raise and maintain my child?

    3.   What happens if I die, or get diagnosed with a chronic or critical illness?

    4.   Do I have adequate savings for college? Weddings?
  • Always make sure you have enough coverage to fund the family goals and dreams that are most important.
  • New Home

  • Congrats on your new home! It’s a big step and a big financial responsibility that requires proper planning. Remember – homeowners coverage will not pay your family if you die unexpectedly.
    Do you have a plan to cover the cost of the mortgage if something were to happen to you or your spouse?
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  • Questions to ask:

    1.    If I died today, would my surviving spouse or family members have the means to cover the cost of our mortgage or even pay it off completely, while having enough to cover other expenses like utilities, maintenance, unexpected repairs, and property taxes?

    2.   Why can an individual term life insurance policy offer my family more benefits at a lower cost than a mortgage life policy from the lender?

    3.   Do I need the policy to pay a benefit if I become disabled, or get diagnosed with a chronic or critical illness?
  • Create a solid plan to allow those you love most to keep the home by making sure there is enough money available should illness or death occur.
  • Retirement

  • Tax-advantaged retirement plans such as IRAs and 401(k)s are great for middle-class employees, but low contribution limits circumscribe their value for higher income earning individuals. For those that have maxed the amount they can contribute to their 401K, Roth IRA, etc and are looking for additional ways to accumulate tax-advantaged retirement savings funds, what is the next step?
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  • Questions to ask:

    1.   What are my goals for my retirement?

    2.   Will I need access to these funds before retirement?

    3.   Is having my retirement protected from lawsuit or bankruptcy important to me?

    4.   Do I want a lot of risk in my retirement plan or would I prefer something safe?
  • These plans offer the greatest benefit for those who have already maximized the other tax-advantaged retirement savings plans. To find out how a plan like this could work for you and to discuss qualification criteria, please contact an InfiniteYou representative.
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