Life Insurance after Cancer

The requirements for term life insurance for cancer survivors will be more specific. It will depend upon your personal circumstances, the company that you apply to, the type of cancer you had, and the time that has passed since you went into remission.

Mortgage Protection vs. Term Life Insurance

Shortly after you close on a mortgage, whether it’s because you just bought a home or refinanced your existing loan, you’ll probably start getting daily solicitations in the mail urging you to purchase mortgage protection life insurance.

Top 10 Life Insurance Myths

The key concept to understand is that you shouldn’t leave life insurance out of your budget unless you have enough assets to cover expenses after you’re gone.

How life insurance works

Life is one big question mark: Will you be happy? Will you find love? Will you star in a reality TV show? Who knows? The only thing we can be sure of in life is that someday it will end. When, where and how are yet to be played out.